Training Scientists offers Python courses for scientists and engineers

Training Scientists offers a variety of courses around the topics of scientific data analysis, data interpretation and plotting for various scientific fields. The courses can be taken on-demand or as blended learning courses. The on-demand lecture videos and materials can be watched at any time and can be purchased with a single course licence or the all-courses licence. The blended learning courses combine the on-demand lectures with hands-on Zoom tutorials where participants can ask questions, we discuss the solutions of exercises and fix problems.

Python for Scientists & Engineers

This course targets scientists and engineers wanting to learn or improve their skills in Python to analyze, interpret and visualize scientific data. It offers a broad overview over a variety of topics.

The Python for Biologists course is the next evolution of the Python for Scientists course specifically for Biologists. It covers the basics of Python, scientific data analysis and includes libraries like Biopython, HTSeq and Pysam.

Here, we look at ways to make programming easier. Avoiding common mistakes and structuring code are key learning goals. Notebook extensions, GIT and keyboard shortcuts are also covered.

The advanced plotting specialization course focuses on advanced plotting options in Python. We cover interactive plots and widgets, 3D visualizations, and the integration of plots in LaTeX documents using Overleaf and GIT.

In this course, we look at ways to improve both the single core performance and the multi core performance of Python code. We also compare the performance gains from libraries like Numba and Dask to the improvements by using faster hardware.

Course overview

Module / Course​ Python for Scientists​ Python for Biologists Python Basics Good Programming Practice ​ Advanced Plotting HPC Image Analysis
Good programming practice, Notebook structure, Extensions, shortcuts +++ +++
Intro, Installation, Syntax, PEP8, First Examples +++ +++ +++
Data analysis, Big Data, Numpy, Pandas +++ +++ +++
Interpolation, Fitting, Filtering, Data Analysis Example +++
Visualization, Advanced Plotting, Matplotlib, String Formatting +++ +++ +++
Interactive Plots, widgets, 3D Visualizations, LaTeX integration +++
GIT, File Creation, Generators, Dask Parallelization +++ only GIT
Video Creation, Symbolic Calculation, Virtual Environments, Complex Fittin +++ without fitting
Biopython, HTSeq, Pysam +++
Performance optimization and profiling for Single- and multi core applicationsn +++
Image analysis and processing, Scikit Image +++

On-demand courses

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Python for Biologists course
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Python for Scientists and Engineers course
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Advanced Plotting in Python Course
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Training Scientists is run by Dr. Maurice Maurer who graduated in 2020 from the Technical University of Munich with a Ph.D. in computational physics. In his scientific work – both carried out at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and the Max Planck Institute for Plasma Physics – he developed a high performance computing (HPC) code to simulate plasma microturbulence in complex geometries. The dissertation is called GENE-3D – a global gyrokinetic turbulence code for stellarators and perturbed tokamaks.

During his masters project he already developed a parallelized code running on some of the fastest supercomputers in germany. For both the masters project and the Ph.D. project he employed Python for the postprocessing of the large data sets generated by the simulations.

Also, he is doing Python development consulting work for  for various companies in regards to code review and performance optimization.

The knowledge and experience from these projects in addition to more than 20 years of programming experience go into the Python programming courses.

Dr. Maurice Maurer


Reach out for bookings and questions about the Python for Scientists courses!

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+49 15678 448154

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