Good programming practice in Python course

Good programming practice in Python


The good programming practice in Python course teaches the skills to make programming easier. You will learn to avoid common mistakes and to structure code in a way that improves readablity and understanding.

Target groups

The course is suitable for people with experience in Python who want to improve their code writing style and save time on future projects. For beginners, the Python for scientists course is better suited as it covers a wide range of topics while also including parts of the good programming practice course.


The course has been held multiple times at the Max Planck School of Photonics with very good reviews. Contact us for the full review, here are some excerpts:

    • “I like how aware it made me of how careless I was being with coding style.”
    • “I like the helpful tips on how to make code more readable and the “bad” code homework”
    • “I really liked the details on the notebook extensions.”
    • “Nice structured videos available, when one has time”

Course structure

The course is held in English and currently consists of 2 modules. It can be taken on-demand or as a blended learning course. The on-demand modules each contain

  • a 60-90 minute video lecture that participants can watch when it suits them
  • exercises for the participants to apply what they have learned
The blended learning modules each additionally contain a live Zoom tutorial to answer questions (90-120min). After the last module the participants apply the course material to their own codes. The results are discussed in the third tutorial.
In total, the participants should plan to invest 9 to 15 hours.


  • The PEP8 style guide
  • How to structure your Jupyter notebook: imports, cell size, line length,   naming of variables and functions, comments
  • Which notebook extensions to use
  • Useful keyboard shortcuts to speed up code writing
  • Version control with GIT
  • Increase usability in Windows

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What participants say

“I just wanted to thank you for a really nice course! Despite being familiar with Python and Jupyter before, I learned a lot of really useful things!”
“Useful topics; perfect communication”
Ph.D Student
Useful, interactive, nice format.
Ph.D Student

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Good programming practice in Python course
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Are you interested or have any questions about the Python course? Reach out any time!

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