Advanced Plotting in Python Course

       Advanced plotting in Python


The advanced plotting in Python specialization course focuses on advanced plotting options in Python. We cover interactive plots and widgets, 3D visualizations, and the integration of plots in LaTeX documents using Overleaf and GIT.

The two key learning goals are to learn how to

  1. create every kind of plot that is useful for a scientific publication
  2. make these plots publication ready.

Target groups

The course is both suited for people familiar with regular 2D plots using Matplotlib who want to dive deeper into plotting and visualizing in Python.

For beginners with some experience in Python, the basic plotting part of the Python for Scientists course is also part of this course.

For people with no prior experience in Python, the Python for scientists course or the Python for Biologists course is the better choice as they cover a wide range of topics. The Advanced plotting  course can then serve as an extension to both courses.

Course structure

The course is held in English and currently consists of 2 modules. It can be taken on-demand or as a blended learning course. The on-demand modules each contain

  • a 60-90 minute video lecture that participants can watch when it suits them
  • exercises for the participants to apply what they have learned
The blended learning modules each additionally contain a live Zoom tutorial to answer questions (90-120min). After the last module the participants apply the course material to their own codes. The results are discussed in the third tutorial.
In total, the participants should plan to invest 9 to 15 hours.


  • interactive plots
  • widgets
  • 3D visualizations
  • automatic integration of plots in LaTeX documents with Overleaf and GIT
  • making plots publication ready

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Advanced Plotting in Python Course
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